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How to use hemp oil to your life!

Written by Juanita Haasbroek


Posted on August 02 2018

This is how I use hemp seed oil.

I find it hard to change my routines in general and I add hemp seed oil to my current routines instead of creating a new routine for a new product.

I take hemp oil daily in place of a flax or fish oil to reap the benefits of Omega 3’s and 6’s, improve digestion, and boost metabolism.

Once a month i use hemp oil as a deep conditioner for hair. After shampooing and conditioning as normal, apply a small amount of hemp oil to ends and comb through. Allow to air dry and style as normal.

I use hemp oil in place of your nightly moisturizer for face and body

I use in place of olive oil in recipes, or mix into cold recipes to boost nutrition and add flavor.

Coat nails and cuticles in hemp oil and wrap in cotton gloves, wear overnight for an overnight moisturizing treatment.

Try one of our hemp seed oil blend to restore and renew your skin and add it to your daily routine.







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