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Shea butter is the best thing since hemp seed oil!

Written by Juanita Haasbroek


Posted on August 02 2018

I discovered Shea butter on a trip to the USA when I was 20 and there was not a lot of products on the market in SA for colored hair and body and this stuff was everywhere there on every brown bottled product for brown people hair. 

I was so sad to come home and there was none here especially since most Shea butter is grown in Africa.

It really makes my hair and skin shine in the right way and here is why. 

Vitamin rich shea butter is a natural skin protectant, blocking UV rays with naturally-occurring SPF ~6.

Because it can be used as-is, your skin can reap the benefits of vitamins A, E, and F, all of which contribute to healthy skin function, encouraging healing and regeneration.

The oleic and stearic acids present in shea have also been shown to reduce wrinkles and the appearance of stretch marks by stimulating collagen production and neutralizing free radicals, which cause cellular damage.

The cinnamic acid present in shea butter is also a powerful anti-inflammatory compound, aiding in the body’s ability to heal itself from sun damage, acne, cuts, burns, and other ailments.

Oh and therefore I add it to all my formulations as far as possible in the restore range as it is just so good.

And I don't want any refined nonsense no only the best unrefined products to deliver the best results.

You will find shea butter in our conditioner,lip balm,face balm and 






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